Eli Fuchs and Fruma Skriloff

01 February 2011


     According to its self-description, Yad Vashem is the "Jewish people's living memorial to the Holocaust."  Yad Vashem's commitment to remembrance is manifested in four ways: commemoration, documentation, research, and education. Victims of the Holocaust, plus the Righteous who saved lives, are honored at the facility in Jerusalem and on its online memorials.
     The resources and documentations collected by Yad Vashem are of importance to Jewish genealogists. Our goal, like that of many other family history researchers, is to use genealogy as a way to remember and honor our ancestors, especially those who were lost to us in the Shoah. Yad Vashem has provided family history researchers with valuable materials for meeting that goal.
     We have found, through the Yad Vashem online database, that an unknown relative has submitted the names of Eli and Fruma Fuchs and their daughter Rakhil Fuchs Levin to the Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names. Finding this online memorial was our first step in determining the dates and cirmcumstances of their deaths. We are trying to find the person who submitted the Fuchs' memorials, in the hopes of reuniting with a cousin who may have survived the atrocities in Uzlyany.
     Yad Vashem also has a You Tube Channel. The videos of the survivors' telling their stories are especially compelling in their witnessing and remembering. Family history researchers should search the videos for their surnames, shtetls,  and  other identifying terms for their ancestors.
     Yad Vashem, in partnership with Google, has recently placed 130,000 photographs from the Shoah online. The photograph labels and descriptions are searchable.
     Families can submit Pages of Remembrance to the Names Database, as well as photographs to the Photo Archive. The forms and procedures are available online through the web site.
     Reminder to family history researchers: don't forget to search for alternate spellings of names and search terms.

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