Eli Fuchs and Fruma Skriloff

18 January 2011


Welcome to our journey. This month, January 2011, my husband and I are setting out on a path to uncover and document the story of Eli and Fruma Fuchs of Uzlyany, Belarus. Eli and Fruma are Doug's paternal great grandparents. Their son, David, emigrated to the United States in 1913. David's brother, Isadore, followed a few years later. Their parents were shot to death on 8 October 1941 by a Nazi einsatzgruppen squad. The purpose of these squads was to eliminate the Jews, and other enemies, one by one, bullet by bullet. The actrocities of the einsatzgruppen squads have not been as widely studied and documented as those committed in the death camps and labor camps. Time is running short to do so, as witnesses age and memories are extinguished. Therefore, our journey will be one of witnessing as well as family history.

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